Sourcing electronic parts from China: life after Digi-Key and Mouser

Most of the parts that go into our products we buy from either Digi-Key our Mouser.  We always check Arrow because often their prices are way better than anyone else.  For some industrial/electromechanical things we go to Allied.  We also search with Octopart to find components.

However, when things start moving into production it’s really hard to ignore the prices on parts directly from Chinese distributors.  For example, we’ve found that connectors from 4Ucon are sometime 1/10th to 1/12th the cost of similar connectors from Samtec.  We’ve also had luck getting things like pogo pins from UXcell.

The websites are not as professional as those from Digi-Key and Mouser, but that’s easy enough to get over.  And while things like integrated circuits can be spoofed, for things like connectors the risk is pretty low.

The minimum order quantity and lead time are things you don’t want to overlook, but with DHL shipping we usually get the parts here in about 2 days.

So what great sites have you found for getting parts?

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    great prices… reasonable ship times… discount codes on their facebook every couple months

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